It’s not for everyone living in the country. But in exchange they get a quiet, serene escape for those who choose to give up the hustle and bustle of the city for windy roads and a little space between neighbours. Sounds sort of dreamy.

Whether you live on one acre or 100, your country home has unique needs that a suburban or city home might not have — whether it’s several buildings to maintain, animals to keep an eye on, or a barn full of expensive machinery and supplies.

With that in mind, if you live in a rural setting a smart home can be a pretty smart move.

Why would you need a country smart home, anyway?

Technology can make life easier and more convenient, but in different ways than you might expect, for people living off the beaten track.

The challenges that you face in the country could include:

  • Distance from emergency services. Living away from the regular action of the city also means you’re farther away from emergency services, like ambulances or fire trucks.
  • Higher utility bills. Rural households use about 10 percent more energy than urban households on average, which can result in higher utility bills each month.
  • Predators. In the country, predators often come in the form of animals rather than people. If you own livestock, this can present a serious threat to your livelihood.
  • Wide open spaces. It’s not always feasible to fence in your property when it’s in a rural location. These wide-open spaces can make you more vulnerable to trespassers.
  • Lack of neighbors. In urban or suburban communities where your neighbors are a feet or yards away instead of a few miles, a sense of community helps deter prowlers or would-be burglars. Rural homes don’t have these extra eyes on their property to provide additional protection.

What can a rural home do for smart homes?

There are many ways home automation can make life safer and easier if you don’t have urban conveniences, from security to comfort.

Control your home with your phone from anywhere 

Though country living may mean living off the grid or years behind in technology, that’s not typically the case. In reality, LTE coverage is available to 98 per cent of the population. This mobile connectivity enables smart home functionality to keep you linked to your house, even in a rural setting.

One of the best things about a smart home is being able to get to your home wherever you go. You’re still linked to, for example, the Vivint Smart Home app. You can monitor your security system with camera feeds, arm or disarm, and lock or unlock your doors as long as you have a mobile data link.

You can also create custom rules which will directly submit alerts to your devices. Let’s say you’ve set up an outdoor camera to track your chicken coop, for example, and want to make sure your chickens are protected from other animals or predators at night. You can set rules that will alert you whenever the camera senses motion, giving you time to address the situation.

Outdoor cameras can see where you don’t. 

Outdoor cameras are a must to keep an eye on things if you have a property that includes a barn or shed, pets, or useful tools and equipment. You can view live feeds with an Outdoor camera to see what’s going on around your house. And, you can later watch the auto-recorded images.

Look for one with HD resolution and night vision to get a clear picture day and night when choosing an outdoor camera for your land. And note, they don’t mount them too high to get the best images.

Monitoring provides help when you need it 

Property is monitored around the clock with 24/7 professional oversight. They will be informed if a smoke or burglar alarm is activated, and the appropriate authorities may be alerted to assist.

This is especially valuable if you live away from emergency services where every second counts.

Battery backup keeps you connected 

During power outages, utilities tend to fix the more densely populated areas first, leaving people living in the dark (literally!) country for longer periods.

You’ll stay connected to your smart home for longer with battery backup and cell connectivity— and have the peace of mind that your home is still being secured.

Smart locks protect your home and valuables

With smart locks, you don’t have to worry if a family member has locked the door behind them; you can just sign in to your smart home app and lock the door from your phone. This is particularly convenient when you are away from the front door working on your house. Build settings from your smartphone to lock doors automatically after a certain amount of time to make it even easier.

Smart locks also make it easy to change your locks — it’s about reprogramming your mobile using a few taps instead of re-keeping the locks and making copies of keys.

Save more with Smart thermometers and lighting

Rural properties also heat and cool more than their homes — workshops, barns, and communities use electricity as well. Smart thermostats and intelligent lighting systems can help conserve energy in the home and help to reduce property costs.

A smart thermostat draws on your smart home’s resources to learn more about your temperature preferences, and can adjust your temperature.

Through smart lighting, you will switch on and off your smart home app, thus saving energy. You do not have to come home to a lonely house if you find yourself working long hours. Once you disarm your house, you can turn your lights on and light your way in as you enter.

Get a customized system and professional installation

Don’t worry if you aren’t sure what you need for your house. A free design consultation with our highly trained and qualified Smart Home Pros will help you build a customized system that meets your home’s unique needs.

Once you have selected the best elements for your house, your entire smart home system will be professionally assembled and your technician will ensure smooth operation of all components together.

Give us a call today for a free smart home design consultation for your country home at (302)345-3806.

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Creating a smart home is easier than you think.

Creating a smart home is easier than you think

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