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Protect and manage what matters most,
Home Security

Keep an eye on everything

Protect your family and your home investment from would-be burglars with our Outdoor Cameras. Think of them as eyes where you need them most, allowing you and yours to stay safe while monitoring activity on your smartphone or Smart Hub.

Stay ahead of the expected

Life can be unpredictable. When your home is threatened by water, smoke, or carbon monoxide, quick action can help limit the impact. Our state-of-the-art sensors and alert systems warn you of potential dangers, so you can act fast—reducing health risks for loved ones, preserving your home, and saving money from averted damages.

Don't worry. We've thought about everything

We are in the business of making your life easier with intelligent design and professional support. All the devices in your Smart Home system work together seamlessly on a single platform. And you can always rely on the human side of your home ecosystem—Our 24/7 customer support and monitoring—to be there when you need us most.

Help is at your finger tips

Our Smart Home’s award-winning customer support and home-security monitoring services are here for you 24/7. When life-threatening situations arise the Vivint Smart Hub is your lifeline. Help is only a few seconds away with the Smart Hub’s panic button feature, shaving precious seconds off response times.

Creating a smart home is easier than you think.

Creating a smart home is easier than you think

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Vivint continues to enhance security, ease of use and energy conservation through their award winning products and services. The Control panel is the core of the smart system that networks families: security, HVAC, lighting, small appliances, video surveillance, and others. Vivint works with customers nationwide to solve their Smart Home and Security needs. Contact us today with any product questions.

NexxGen.SmartHome, LLC © 2022. All Rights Reserved.

NexxGen.SmartHome, LLC © 2022. All Rights Reserved.